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Right Of Way

Right of Way

The Right-of-Way (ROW) department of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., (AECI), has served the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas and many other utilities since its inception in 1959.

The dedicated, well-trained line clearance crews with AECI’s ROW department have many years of proven experience in meeting the needs of customers across the United States. The AECI ROW department provides organizations with experienced line clearance professionals armed with modern equipment to complete electric utility ROW projects in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The AECI crews’ work ethics and standards assist and compliment the top-notch teams at organizations and ensure that any project is completed safely and correctly. Whatever the needs, AECI can design a plan to exceed expectations.

AECI’s ROW Department assists electric utilities with:

-Scheduled line clearance on electric distribution and transmission systems;

-Clearing for new construction and relocation of distribution and transmission lines;

-Bare ground herbicide treatment for substations, pole yards, and other purposes; and

-Emergency storm response services.

For more information, contact:

Wayne Bradford
Interim Manager – ROW
(O): 501-570-2342
(C): 501-414-5585

Zach Pinkerton
Business Analyst
(O): 501-570-2300

Sheila Payne
Business Analyst III
(O): 501-570-2362

Dylan Smith
Business Analyst II
(O): 501-570-2371