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Utility Sales

Utility Sales Specialists

The Utility Sales Department of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., (AECI) provides infrastructure material for the construction of electric utility distribution and transmission systems. Serving a five state region, the experienced sales professionals at AECI have years of industry experience and offer a complete line of electrical equipment, including pole-line hardware, cross arms, poles, overhead and underground conductors and transformers. From our humble beginning over seven decades ago, AECI has a rich history of providing services, infrastructure materials and materials management to the public power sector.

The Cooperative Difference

AECI is among more than 900 electric distribution, generation and transmission and supplier cooperatives nationwide. We share common goals because of our unique, democratically member-owned, not-for-profit business model and seven guiding principles. Cooperatives across the country operate according to the same set of core principles and values. These principles are a key reason that America’s electric cooperatives operate differently from other electric utilities, putting the needs of their members first in a reliable, affordable and responsible manner.

Proven Service

Service is AECI’s top priority. We maintain approximately $25 million in common inventory items to ensure we can serve our customers quickly. AECI also has professional truck drivers who operate a state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles to deliver material directly to customers. With the trucking fleet and extensive inventory, AECI is exceptionally prepared to serve customers during emergencies. AECI has working experience with cooperatives, municipals, investor-owned utilities and contractors.

Your Power Partner

Over the years, electric utility distributors have come and gone. They are bought and sold, merge and in many cases their decision makers are several states away. AECI is uniquely qualified for business relationships that include closed and open vendor managed inventory models. AECI is local, financially stable, reliable and committed to its members and customers. The AECI Sales Department will meet your business needs with experienced, well-trained professionals armed with the best electrical equipment available.


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